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Every complete vehicle exhaust extraction system is equipped with an effective fan or blower. On Fume-A-Vent, you’ll find two different vehicle exhaust extraction fans which are used to move contaminants through an exhaust hose and out of your space. You can mount the blower at your docking station by using one of our garage vehicle exhaust fan mounts.

You’ll find a few different benefits come with an auto exhaust fan, including:

  • Protects workers from an unhealthy work environment from exhaust contaminants.
  • Multiple mount applications that are customizable for your workplace.
  • Manufactured in the U.S. and meet all local, state, and Federal government standards.

We carry a wide range of vehicle exhaust removal fans, ranging from 1HP to 25HP for facilities with greater exhaust production. There are three basic ways that you can align the vehicle exhaust fan to fit your needs, including bottom, horizontal, and blast discharge.

If you have questions about which would be the proper horsepower for your space or if you need a custom application for discharge alignment, then we can help!

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