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All complete vehicle exhaust removal systems are equipped with a fan or blower. Exhaust fans and blowers are designed to move emissions through an exhaust hose and away from a workshop or facility. Exhaust blowers and fans are an integral part of vehicle exhaust removal systems and help ensure that the airstream is clean and free of emissions.

Exhaust fans and blowers can be mounted at your docking station by using a fan mount. There are three basic ways that you can align the vehicle exhaust fan to fit your needs, including bottom, horizontal, and blast discharge.

Fume-A-Vent offers a range of exhaust fans and pressure blowers, ranging from 1HP to 25HP for facilities with greater exhaust production.

PB Series Fans

Pressure Blower Series exhaust fans are designed for the purpose of exhausting most particulates as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) created by internal combustion engines. These fans feature high pressure 3/16" minimum thickness radial flat wheels, direct drive, and are AMCA Type B spark resistant.

Hose Reel Mount Fans

These fans directly mount onto our hose reels and are constructed of cast aluminum for both the housing and wheel. The radial type wheel is professionally balanced. The TEFC type motor is both UL and CSA approved, operating at 3450 RPM.

Benefits of Exhaust Fans/Blowers

✓ Protects workers from vehicle exhaust emissions.

✓ Multiple mount applications that are customizable for your workshop or facility.

✓ Manufactured in the U.S. and meet all local, state, and Federal government standards.

Pressure Blowers vs. Hose Reel Mount Fans


1. If the distance between hose reels is too far, it makes sense to use direct mount fans.

2. The cost for multiple hose reels with direct mount fans is significantly higher.

3. When using direct mount fans, each needs its own building penetration, duct, and wiring, which translates to higher installation costs.

4. With direct mount fans, end-users only run the fans needed at that time, which saves energy and pulls less air out of the building.

5. When multiple hose reels are ducted to a common fan, all will pull air at the same time, even if they aren't connected to a tailpipe (unless they are closed off when not in use).

If you have questions about the correct horsepower for your application or need a custom solution for discharge alignment, get in touch with our specialists today.

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