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Standard Undercarriage Exhaust Nozzles


  • Rubber adapter with metal hose connector
  • Fits 4"-6" Tailpipes
  • Our Most Popular Adapter!

Vertical Stack / Undercarriage Exhaust Nozzles


  • Stainless steel tapered cone
  • Fits 6"-14" Tailpipes
  • Vertical stack and/or Undercarriage exhaust application

Vertical Stack Exhaust Nozzles


  • Fully metal adapter (Galv. or Stainless Steel)
  • Fits 4"-8" Tailpipes
  • Includes spring closing damper

Candy Cane

  • Laser-welded galvanized steel candy cane
  • Fits 8" Tailpipes
  • Best for hard-to-reach Overhead Tailpipe applications


Source Capturing Exhaust Nozzles

Removing exhaust from indoors is important for any auto shop, fire station, or car inspection facility. Vehicle exhaust extraction systems help to make sure that exhaust is removed safely and effectively. In every good extraction system, there is a source capturing exhaust nozzle that helps to transfer hot exhaust from the tailpipe into an exhaust hose and out of the building.

Whether you’re shopping for a new vehicle exhaust extraction system or replacing an old exhaust hose tailpipe adapter, you’ll benefit from a tight source capture.

  • Easy to manually connect and disconnect during use.
  • Heat-resistant nozzles protect employees from vehicle exhaust exposure.
  • Wide range of materials and sizes, from 4" to 16".

Using clamps, vice grips, locking hand dampers, or a hook and chain, all you have to do is connect your hose and your tailpipe. This small piece of rubber and galvanized stainless steel is simple to use in any indoor docking station.

Exhaust Hose Tailpipe Adapters

You may have heard of an exhaust nozzle called a tailpipe adapter. These can be used interchangeably to describe a piece that connects your tailpipe to an exhaust hose. On Fume-A-Vent, you’ll find that we carry three different types of tailpipe adapters, which have been used in many different applications with cars, snowmobiles, trains, and more.

Our high temperature TPA-03-0404 exhaust hose tailpipe adapter is our most popular because it’s easy to connect and disconnect. The 4" rubber hose is connected to metal clamps that can be used to clip and unclip the exhaust hose to the tailpipe.

In some special applications, like when working on a diesel truck, you may need a vertical exhaust hose tailpipe adapter. These are made particularly for vertical exhaust tailpipes and range from 4" to 8".

For mechanics or auto body shops that work with both horizontal and vertical exhaust hose tailpipes, we also carry dual purpose adapters that you can swap between the two. Whether you’re working on a tractor or a town car, a dual purpose adapter will change with your needs.

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