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Standard Undercarriage Exhaust Nozzles

TPA-03 Tailpipe Adapter


  • Rubber adapter with metal hose connector
  • Fits 4"-6" Tailpipes
  • Our Most Popular Adapter!

Vertical Stack / Undercarriage Exhaust Nozzles

TPA-03 Tailpipe Adapter


  • Stainless steel tapered cone
  • Fits 6"-14" Tailpipes
  • Vertical stack and/or Undercarriage exhaust application

Vertical Stack Exhaust Nozzles

TPA-06 Tailpipe Adapter


  • Fully metal adapter (Galv. or Stainless Steel)
  • Fits 4"-8" Tailpipes
  • Includes spring closing damper
Candy Cane Tailpipe Adapter/>
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  • Laser-welded galvanized steel candy cane
  • Fits 8" Tailpipes
  • Best for hard-to-reach Overhead Tailpipe applications


Tailpipe Adapters/Nozzles for Source Capture

Vehicle exhaust removal systems work to extract emissions safely and effectively. No exhaust removal system is complete without a tailpipe adapter - also known as a nozzle. Source capture nozzles transfer hot vehicle exhaust from the tailpipe through a hose and away from the building or facility.

Using clamps, vice grips, locking hand dampers, or a hook and chain, all you have to do is connect the exhaust hose and tailpipe. This small piece of rubber and galvanized stainless steel is simple to use in any indoor docking station.

When selecting a tailpipe adapter, it is crucial to consider the requirements of your application. Using a nozzle that is not compatible with your application requirements can result in hose failure, higher costs, and loss of production time.

The Fume-A-Vent high-temperature TPA-03-0404 tailpipe adapter is our most popular because it is easy to connect and disconnect. The 4" rubber hose is connected to metal clamps that can be used to clip and unclip the exhaust hose to the tailpipe.

With specialty applications - like diesel trucks, you may need a vertical tailpipe adapter - these range from 4 to 8-inches.

For mechanics or facilities that work with both horizontal and vertical exhaust hose tailpipes, we recommend dual-purpose nozzles that you can swap between the two. Whether you’re working on a tractor or a passenger vehicle, a dual-purpose tailpipe adapter will change with your needs.

Benefits of Fume-A-Vent Tailpipe Adapters

✓ Easy to manually connect and disconnect during use
✓ Heat-resistant nozzles protect employees from overexposure
✓ Wide range of materials and sizes, from 4" to 16"

What Material Is Right for My Application?

• Metal should be used for high-temp and vertical exhausts
• Rubber should be used for low temperature undercarriage exhausts

Why There Should NOT Be a Tight Fit on the Tailpipe

The fit on a tailpipe must have room for ambient air and exhaust to enter an keep the system cool.

How Do Tailpipe Adapters Stay in Place?

A hook and chain assembly are attached to each adapter allowing it to be fixed to the frame of the vehicle.

What If My Exhaust Hose Is Smaller Than the Tailpipe?

If your hose is not sized to be 1/2" larger than the tailpipe you will run into temperature issues that will reduce hose life.

If the I.D. is too small, the friction from high amounts of vehicle exhaust will increase temperature causing pressure to decrease which ultimately results in various hose damages.

Why Plugs/ Dampers Are Important

Dampers and plugs keep fans and duct smaller keeping costs down because they don't run at the same time.

Fume-A-Vent tailpipe adapters are designed to handle temperatures of up to 600⁰ F and help prolong the life of the exhaust hose. Our nozzles are available with an optional Spring Clamp, and some styles have a plug option as well. The Plug allows certain types of drops and hoses to be shut off when not in use.

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