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Facilities where small engines, like lawnmowers, snowblowers, riding mowers, and generators, are serviced and repaired are at risk of being overexposed to dangerous exhaust and gas emissions. The longer an individual is exposed to toxic exhaust, the more severe the health and safety risks are. Overexposure to gas emissions can result in moderate to severe health effects, ranging from dizziness and fatigue to lifelong damage. Small engine exhaust removal eliminates the risks!

Exhaust removal systems designed for small engines extract gas emissions at the source to keep the airstream clean and breathable. It's important to understand that ventilation alone is not effective enough to establish safe working conditions. Exhaust removal and ventilation are required in any garage, workshop, or facility where engines are running.

Fume-A-Vent exhaust removal systems can be customized to accommodate the demands of almost any application. We carry everything you need to exhaust harmful emissions from your building or garage! Our team of specialists can help determine the proper diameter, temperature, length of exhaust hose, and tailpipe adapter for your custom application.

Small engine lawnmowers in a shop.
Fume-A-Vent Pivoting Articulating Boom Arm stores tightly against the wall and swings out when needed.

Case Study:
Diesel Engine Exhaust Removal

Diesel Power Equipment Co., is a diesel engine repair shop that also provides overhaul, welding, and fabrication services. They work under an overhead Jib Crane and wanted a safe, versatile solution to provide a longer reach.

We installed a Pivoting Articulating Boom Arm Simple Drop System that stores tightly against the wall when not in use, and swings out over or between bays when needed. Fume-A-Vent Articulating Boom Arms scissor at their midpoint for maximum flexibility!

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