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Specialty Exhaust Extraction & Removal Systems

This category encompasses specialty systems for specialty applications.

Dyno Exhaust Removal

Dynamometers can be especially tricky for vehicle exhaust extraction. While dynamometers come in several different forms, the issue of temperature is always a factor.

Engines running at or near their capacity for long periods of time generate exorbitantly higher temperatures than the average engine at an idle. In addition, they produce a heavy air flow at a high volume.

In the case of a performance testing dyno, a direct nozzle connection could affect the performance results of the vehicle being tested.

The engineers at Fume-A-Vent are experts in this area and can create an engineered system to fit your exact dynamometer application needs.

Wall System

If your garage workstations are in relative proximity to a wall, then the wall-mounted system might be a good fit for your garage. Wall-mounted systems offer a simple method for making effective use of a centralized ducting and exhausting system. With this system, each bay can be easily opened and closed with a quick sliding gate right at the duct/hose conneciton. When you need to use this system, simply unhook the hose, connect the nozzle to the tailpipe and open the gate.

Wall System
Wall System Explained

1. Crushproof hose connects directly to the central duct ventilation system and is mounted at the end of a garage bay.
2. Station can be closed by a simple damper installed at the hose connection point.
3. When needed, simply remove the hose from its hanger, attach the nozzle to the vehicle, and open the damper.

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Portable Fume Extraction System

Use our portable system if you are running engines indoors and you can't use a permanent fixed system. This is great for applications including: running generators indoors, pouring concrete, indoor excavating, indoor cranes, forklifts, etc. It can be designed to meet any number of needs, and we have done systems that range in distance from 50' to 300'.

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Dynamometer Exhaust Removal

Franjo Speed sells high performance parts that improve speed, horsepower, handling, sound, and the ECT of cars. Also, they offer dynometer services that will test the performance of the vehicles.

Call us today to learn more about dyno exhaust removal systems or request a free, custom quote!
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