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Motorcycle and ATV Exhaust Extraction Systems

Fume-A-Vent manufacturers a complete selection of exhaust removal systems for motorcycle and ATV repair garages, workshops, dealerships, and vehicle testing stations. Although motorcycles are more fuel efficient and diffuse less greenhouse gas carbon dioxide when compared to standard passenger vehicles, they are also known to emit more than double the amount of hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide. The liquids that go into motorcycles and ATVs contain hazardous chemicals that can severely impact the health of employees, dealers or mechanics who breathe them in regularly.

With an affordable, user-friendly and custom overhead, simple drop or hose reel system from Fume-A-Vent, facility owners can ensure that the overall healthiness, cleanliness, and production within their motorcycle or ATV garages or workshops will be improved. If you need assistance with getting started on your exhaust removal system, get in touch with the experts at Fume-A-Vent by calling (866) 455-2132 or completing our contact form

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