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Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are popular means of transportation and recreational vehicles, offering thrilling experiences for riders across the world. Motorcycles are known to offer better fuel efficiency and to transmit less greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in comparison to standard passenger vehicles and light trucks — but it's important to know that motorcycles also emit more than 2x the amount of hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and a disproportionately high amount of other air pollutants when compared to passenger cars.

The liquids that go into motorcycles and ATVs are known to contain hazardous chemicals that can severely impact the health and safety of employees, motor dealers, or mechanics who are overexposed. It is crucial for any enclosed building where motorcycle and ATV repairs, maintenance, or dyno testing are conducted to implement necessary measures to ensure clean and breathable air.

Without proper ventilation and exhaust removal, the exhaust and emissions released by motorcycles and ATVs can quickly reach toxic levels. Exhaust removal systems play a vital role in protecting technicians and other employees by extracting air contaminants directly from the source before they reach breathing zones. Source capture enables immediate extraction, which is why it's highly effective in controlling motorcycle and ATV exhaust.

Repair and maintenance shops often utilize exhaust extraction systems to remove harmful gases directly from a motorcycle or ATV's exhaust pipes. These systems consist of hoses, nozzles, and fans that work together to capture and exhaust emissions outside the shop or building. By effectively removing exhaust fumes from the working area, exhaust removal systems create a healthier and safer environment for technicians.

Fume-A-Vent offers affordable, user-friendly, custom overhead, simple drop, and hose reel systems to accommodate motorcycle and ATV applications. We manufacture exhaust removal solutions for high-temperature engines, and our specialists can assist with the exact temperature, diameter, length of hose needed, and correct tailpipe adapter nozzle to meet the requirements of your application. Get started on your quote today!

Motorcycle repair garage.


Fume-A-Vent exhaust removal systems installed at an auto dealership to capture and exhaust harmful gas emissions.

Case Study:
Auto Dealer Vehicle Exhaust Removal

Hollywood Motor Co. turned an older building into a new Automotive Dealership and corresponding repair garage. The garage requires vehicle exhaust removal systems to filter and clean air. Hollywood Motor Co. services a range of vehicles and didn't have the budget to install an elaborate exhaust extraction system.

We provided Hollywood Motor with Rope and Pulley Simple Drop Systems to allow for dual exhaust service at each of their lifts. The Rope and Pulley System pulls up and out of the way when not needed, and is conveniently available for use.

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