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Vehicle exhaust removal systems are designed to capture exhaust directly at the source, using ducting systems to draw emissions away from running vehicles and exhausting contaminated air outside and away from the building.

Fume-A-Vent offers Slip-Fit ducting for simple, welding-free ductwork!

Vehicle exhaust ducting is often sized in the same way that HVAC is sized, which is incorrect. Slip-Fit Ducting adjusts to fit vehicle exhaust removal systems — without any complex measurements. Slip-Fit Ducting is built to align perfectly so that even long runs have minimal pressure loss.

Benefits of Slip-Fit Ducting

✓ Stronger fitting
✓ Eliminates sharp edges
✓ Consistent diameter
✓ Factory installed resulting in a cost savings
✓ Gaskets are treated with anti-friction coating for easy installation

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