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Fume-A-Vent overhead exhaust removal system installed at Hollwood Motor Co.

Auto Dealership Exhaust Removal

Hollywood Motor Co. purchased an old building and garage and turned it into an Automotive Dealership with corresponding repair garage. The garage required a vehicle exhaust extraction system.

Dyno exhaust removal system installed at Franjo to extract dangerous emissions.

Dynamometer Exhaust Removal

Franjo Speed sells high performance parts that improve speed, horsepower, handling, sound, and the ECT of cars. Also, they offer dynometer services that will test the performance of the vehicles.

Fume-A-Vent Boom Arms installed at Diesel Power Co. to exhaust tractor emissions.

Diesel Exhaust Removal

Diesel Power Equipment Co. is a diesel engine repair shop. They provide engine horsepower, performance testing and diagnostics, hydraulic testing, fluid analysis, rebuild cylinders, pumps, hydrostat/power-shift transmissions, & steering systems.


Military Exhaust Removal

After installing military vehicle repair tents in the desert, Alaska Structures needed to remove toxic air contaminants. Fume-A-Vent provided Alaska Structures with durable rope-and-pulley overhead systems to allow for dual exhaust in each tent.

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