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Portable exhaust removal systems draw contaminated air away from small, localized work areas to keep the airstream clean and free of dangerous gas emissions. Exhaust removal is required in garages and enclosed buildings where vehicles are running at, or higher than idle - employers must ensure facilities are equipped with exhaust removal systems to prevent health risks associated with gas emissions.

Meeting vehicle exhaust regulations is critical in the prevention of overexposure to deadly gas emissions. The particulate that makes up vehicle exhaust includes CO, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and other dangerous airborne contaminants that can reach toxic levels when released inside of an enclosed space. Portable exhaust fan systems are an excellent choice for garages and facilities where an overhead or underfloor system is not necessary, or where space is at a maximum.

Portable Exhaust Removal Applications

• Light equipment repair • Generators
• Motorcycle shops • Welding & soldering applications
• Auto dealerships • Military vehicles
• Marine applications • Indoor spaces where internal combustion engines operate
• Diesel trucks

By extracting vehicle exhaust from enclosed work environments, portable exhaust fans help establish and maintain regulatory-compliant facilities. Fume-A-Vent user-friendly and cost-effective portable exhaust removal systems are made adjustable to fit a variety of exhaust pipes and are easy to store because of their small size. Get in touch with us to get started on your free quote!

Auto repair and service garage.

Fume-A-Vent exhaust removal for dyno performance testing installed at Franjo Speed.

Case Study:
Dyno Exhaust Removal

Franjo Speed perfects the performance of sport and specialty vehicles and provides dyno tesing services. The Franjo team wanted to source capture vehicle exhaust in an enclosed Dynamometer room without changing the results of their dyno testing.

We provided a dual-exhaust, high temperature exahust removal system to eliminate harmful contaminants before reaching respiratory zones. The new source capture system allows Franjo Speed to safely and efficiently operate their business.

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