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Portable Exhaust Extraction Systems

Fume-A-Vent portable exhaust removal systems are ideal for workshops, garages, and facilities where an overhead or underfloor system is not necessary. By capturing and removing hazardous fumes from indoor work environments, portable fume extractors help establish employee health and safety and maintain regulatory compliance to enhance overall productivity. User-friendly and cost effective, Fume-A-Vent portable extraction systems are made adjustable to fit a variety of exhaust pipes and are easy to store because of their small size.

Portable Fume Extractor Applications:

  • Light equipment repair
  • Motorcycle shops
  • Auto dealerships
  • Marine applications
  • Diesel trucks
  • Generators
  • Welding & soldering applications
  • Military vehicles
  • Indoor spaces where internal combustion engines operate
  • Benefits of a Portable Exhaust Removal System

    Facilities that are unable to allocate broad, extensive systems or where space is at a maximum can benefit from a portable source capture system that controls fumes and particulate by keeping them away from operator's respiratory areas. By extracting dangerous exhaust, business owners are able to secure employee health while gaining a cleaner, particulate-free facility. To learn more about portable fume extractors and how they can be beneficial to your work space, get in touch with the experts at Fume-A-Vent today.

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