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Simple, Cost Effective Overhead Exhaust Systems Most Popular!

Fume-A-Vent's overhead exhaust systems are a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to exhaust hose storage and accessibility. There are a few different types of overhead systems to choose from, which you can learn about below:

Simple Drop Systems (SD)

This is the most popular option for overhead exhaust systems since they’re easier to install and lower cost than other alternatives.

Fume-A-Vent can assist with the exact temperature, diameter, and length of hose needed, along with the tailpipe adapter nozzle, to meet the needs of your custom application. SD lifting configurations include rope and pulley and spring cable balancers. The hose is stowed using an elbow joint, which suspends the hose.

You can use this overhead exhaust system, featuring ropes and pulleys, to make it easier to prevent accidents in the shop by storing this away from customers and other coworkers.

Retractable Telescoping Systems (RTS)

This second option offers the most economical answer for overhead exhaust extraction. The RTS incorporates three lengths of hose (6",5",4") that telescope into one another. In its stored overhead position, the RTS is secured by chains and hooks, which also may be used to secure the nozzle to the vehicle.

This type of apparatus makes it easy to move about your automobile or service shop. Complete the package by adding a direct-mount fan, which allows a complete stand-alone system or connect to ductwork and a central fan. By making sure that your overhead system is stalled properly, then you’ll be better able to remove harmful exhausts from your space.

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