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Simple, Cost Effective Overhead Exhaust Systems Most Popular!

Overhead exhaust removal systems are an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for exhaust hose storage and accessibility. These systems incorporate various exhaust hose types (ranging from high-temperature silicone to medium-temperatures polyester) and lifting configurations to accommodate many different applications.

Simple drop systems are the most popular option for overhead exhaust systems because they are easy to install and more affordable than other alternatives like track systems. Fume-A-Vent simple drop systems make it easy to prevent accidents by storing exhaust hoses away from technicians and other nearby employees. Our simple drop lifting configurations include rope and pulley and spring cable balancers.

Rope & Pulley Overhead System

Rope and pulley overhead systems provide seamless retraction and are excellent for lighter exhaust hoses. The hose clamps directly to the ducting system and is stowed using an elbow joint that suspends the hose.

Spring Cable Balancer Overhead System

Spring balancer overhead systems are higher-end systems, known for their usability and high durability. Spring balancer systems are ideal for heavier exhaust hoses.

The Fume-A-Vent team can assist with the exact temperature, diameter, length of hose needed, and tailpipe adapter to meet the needs of your custom application. Complete the package by adding a direct-mount fan, which allows a complete stand-alone system or connection to ductwork and a central fan. It's important to select a storage and connection approach that is compatible with the building and consistent with the expected vehicle exhaust output.

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