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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction & Removal Systems

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About Fume-A-Vent Exhaust Extraction Systems

Fume-A-Vent is a leading provider of vehicle exhaust removal systems for all applications. We specialize in atypical applications, stemming from complicated exhausting situations or unique engines.

Why Do Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems Matter?

Maintaining clean air in a working environment is important for the health and safety of a lot of different types of professionals, from fire fighters to auto mechanics. Hazardous chemicals that escape through the exhaust of diesel engines are eliminated through the application of a vehicle exhaust extraction system.

Which Industries Use Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems?

Relying on a vehicle exhaust extraction system is important if you’re working indoors. Without removing the toxins from exhaust, workers are at danger of performing their everyday tasks in a harmful environment. Toxins that aren’t filtered by a vehicle exhaust hose are carcinogens. If you manage the operation of one of the following, then you’ll want to make sure your team is kept safe with the proper vehicle exhaust ventilation system in place:

  • Fire department or emergency medical services (EMS)
  • Auto manufacturers and dealers
  • School and university buses
  • Motorcycle & ATV repair
  • Farm equipment and tractor maintenance
  • Military vehicles

At Fume-A-Vent™, we carry all the parts to get your vehicle exhaust removal system up and running. We have many years of experience working with every industry, from fire stations to auto dealerships, which has given us the ability to quickly and efficiently install vehicle exhaust extraction systems to keep your team safe and happy. If you’re looking for a vehicle exhaust extraction system for buildings, then you’ve come to the right place. Call us today or request a free online quote!

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