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Fire Station Exhaust Removal

Exhaust Removal Systems Designed for Fire Trucks

Exhaust from fire trucks and other emergency vehicles can quickly become dangerous to firefighters and other nearby emergency workers when generated within an enclosed firehouse.

Fume-A-Vent exhaust removal systems effectively capture these fumes and exhaust them outside the facility without the need for complex sliding rails systems and time-consuming maintenance.

Key Features

  • Quick detachment mechanisms for emergency exits
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Ability to retrofit any facility layout
Fire station exhaust removal system
Fire station exhaust removal system hose
Fire station exhaust removal system fan
Fire station exhaust removal system install
Fire station exhaust removal system install image

How Our System Works

Fire Truck Exhaust Removal

The engine sensor control panel receives a signal and automatically activates the exhaust fan and expels the diesel fumes to the exterior when the engines are started.

The 100% source capture, “simple drop” nozzle automatically disconnects from the tailpipe when the apparatus exits the engine house. When the vehicle exits out of the garage and the hose disconnects, great pulling forces are put onto the system and our support assembly is designed to prevent any damages.

The only time the firefighters touch the system is when the nozzle is connected to the tailpipe. Emergency vehicle exhaust fumes can be a danger to emergency workers and this threat was eliminated from the fire station by using our vehicle exhaust capture and removal system. This is a recommended method for controlling exhaust emissions that complies with health and safety standards at fire stations and protects firefighters who frequently work or reside in the firehouse.

Specialized mechanisms make attaching and running the exhaust systems effortless. This system has quick detachment mechanisms for speedy emergency exits with performance meeting various regulations.

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