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Exhaust hose reels are one of the most convenient vehicle exhaust removal systems because they store hoses out of the work area when not in use and are easy to access when required. When you implement hose reels, you can easily attach and extract vehicle emissions without the hazard of tangled hoses and cables on the work floor.

Exhaust hose reels retract with a motor or spring and remove dangerous emissions by using a flexible hose, tailpipe adapter, and ductwork, or direct mount fan. Fume-A-Vent hose reels are listed by the mechanism used to retract the hose into storage: Spring and Motorized.

Spring Hose Reels

Spring operated hose reels are manual in motion, requiring you to pull the hose down off the reel, locking the spring into place. Manual spring-operated reels are ideal for applications where the hose reel is within reaching distance of the operator.

Motorized Hose Reels

Motorized hose reels can be fitted with a wall switch or remote control, allowing the hose to be raised and lowered by the motor. Motorized hose reels are best suited for environments where hose reels are beyond the reach of the operator or when a larger diameter hose is required.

Oversized Hose Reels

We also offer larger vehicle exhaust hose reels for specialty applications. Fume-A-Vent oversized hose reels can be exceptionally large and may require floor-mounting because of their size. If your application requires an oversized vehicle exhaust hose reel larger than what we have listed, request a free quote.

Hose Reel Mounting Options

Hose Reels displayed in different mounting options.

1. Ceiling mounting utilizing the Unistrut Steel Hangers.

2. Dropped down ceiling mount with Unistrut and 1/2" threaded rod for drop.

3. Wall-mounted hose reel with Unistrut supports.

Ceiling mounts are most common, however wall mounts and floor mounts are options when space is at a maximum.

*Both Spring and Motorized Hose Reels have the same mounting options.

While some vehicle exhaust fumes can result in immediate harm, others occur over longer periods of time and are not as easily identified. To protect technicians from being introduced to these dangerous contaminants, it's important to implement a system that effectively removes vehicle exhaust before it makes its way to breathing zones.

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