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Exhaust Hose Reel
Exhaust Hose Reels

Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reels

Compact & Convenient Hose Storage

Vehicle exhaust hose reels are an ideal way to conveniently store a vehicle exhaust hose out of the work area when it's not needed and make it easy to access when you do. Our exhaust hose reels are listed by the mechanism used to retract the hose into storage: Spring or Motorized.

Our spring hose reels are manual in motion, requiring you to pull the hose down off the reel, locking the spring into place. Our motorized hose reels can be fitted with a wall switch or remote control, allowing the hose to be raised and lowered by the motor.

We carry a third type of vehicle exhaust hose reel for larger, specialty applications. These oversized vehicle exhaust hose reels can be exceptionally large and some will require floor-mounting due to their size. If you’re in need of an oversized vehicle exhaust hose reel larger than we have listed on our site, please call us for a quote!

Spring Operated

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Spring Operated Hose Reels

Motor Operated

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Motor Operated Hose Reels