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Fume-A-Vent Motorized Hose Reel with 4" x 20' Type 3 400 Degrees Fahrenheit Polyester Impregnated Rubber Hose

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This Package Includes:
  • 1 x Motor Operated Hose Reel
  • 1 x 4" x 20' Type 3 400 Degrees Hose
  • 1 x 4" Hose Stop Bumper
  • Tailpipe adapter pictured is NOT included

Download PDF Specification

Other Sizes/Options

Select the hose reel that meets your diameter, length, and temperature needs from our selection below.

4" Dia. 400 Degrees Fahrenheit Hose Reels
20' HRM-3-0420   Call for Pricing
25' HRM-3-0425   Call for Pricing
30' HRM-3-0430-W   Call for Pricing
35' HRM-3-0435-W   Call for Pricing
40' HRM-3-0440-WT   Call for Pricing
4" Dia. 600 Degrees Fahrenheit Hose Reels
20' HRM-2-0420   Call for Pricing
24' HRM-2-0424   Call for Pricing
30' HRM-2-0430-W   Call for Pricing
32' HRM-2-0432-W   Call for Pricing
36' HRM-2-0436-W   Call for Pricing
40' HRM-2-0440-WT   Call for Pricing
6" Dia. 400 Degrees Fahrenheit Hose Reels
20' HRM-3-0620   Call for Pricing
25' HRM-3-0625-W   Call for Pricing
30' HRM-3-0630-WT   Call for Pricing
35' HRM-3-0635-WT   Call for Pricing
6" Dia. 600 Degrees Fahrenheit Hose Reels
20' HRM-2-0620   Call for Pricing
24' HRM-2-0624-W   Call for Pricing
30' HRM-2-0630-WT   Call for Pricing
32' HRM-2-0632-WT   Call for Pricing
36' HRM-2-0636-WT   Call for Pricing
8" Dia. 600 Degrees Fahrenheit Hose Reels
20' HRM-2-0820-WT   Call for Pricing
24' HRM-2-0824-WT   Call for Pricing
30' HRM-2-0830-LT   Call for Pricing
36' HRM-2-0836-LT   Call for Pricing
44' HRM-2-0844-LT   Call for Pricing

Fume-A-Vent hose reels are offered in standard 4, 5, 6 & 8 inch hose diameters. The reels are supplied completely assembled and ready for installation. Hose reels may be connected with ductwork to a central exhaust system or each reel may be supplied with a direct mount fan.

In addition to varying diameters, hose reels may come equipped with standard 400 DegreesF or 600 DegreesF hose, at varying lengths.

Fume-A-Vent hose reels may be mounted in three positions: from an overhead support structure, from a side support structure, and on the floor. Ceiling mounts are most common, however wall mounts and floor mounts are options when space is at a premium.

Garage Layout Options





Hose Stop Bumper


Hose Stop Bumper



2-Button Pendulum Switch



4-Button Pendulum Switch

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