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Fume-A-Vent Tailpipe Adapter, Stainless Steel, Tapered Cone, Fits 4" Hose
For Vertical Stack and/or Horiztonal/Undercarriage Exhausts!

For Horizontal:
    Add Spring Clamp or Vice Grip    Add It
For Vertical Stacks:
    Add A Lifting Sleeve    Add It

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This Package Includes:
  • 1 x Type 4 6" Adapter for 4" Hose
Securing Options
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  Call for Pricing
Handling Options
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Opening Options
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This product typically ships within 1 week. Tax and freight not included in the above price.

Download PDF Specification

Select the adapter that meets your opening diameter and hose diameter needs from our selection below.

Stainless Steel Overhead Adapters
  For 6" Tailpipe(s) Use w/ 4" Hose   TPA-04-04 Call for Pricing
  For 7" Tailpipe(s) Use w/ 5" Hose   TPA-04-05 Call for Pricing
  For 8" Tailpipe(s) Use w/ 6" Hose   TPA-04-06 Call for Pricing
  For 10" Tailpipe(s) Use w/ 8" Hose   TPA-04-08 Call for Pricing
  For 12" Tailpipe(s) Use w/ 10" Hose   TPA-04-10 Call for Pricing
  For 14" Tailpipe(s) Use w/ 12" Hose   TPA-04-12 Call for Pricing
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