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Tractor & Farm Equipment Exhaust Removal Systems

Fume-A-Vent specializes in manufacturing and developing custom solutions to capture and extract harmful exhaust from agriculture equipment. To ensure that the health of employees remains protected, it is suggested that tractor and farm equipment dealers, testing station owners, and repair and maintenance garage and workshop operators implement exhaust extraction systems within their facilities. Fume-A-Vent offers simple drop systems, hose reels, and boom arms to remove diesel gases and exhaust emissions from tractor, agriculture and farm equipment applications, resulting in a cleaner, safer and more productive work atmosphere.

Benefits of A Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System:
Cleaner and healthier working environment

  • Remove exhaust fumes from tractors, combines, and other farm and agriculture equipment by extracting it at the source
Secure/convenient work environments
  • Lowers risks of tripping over hoses or cables
  • Equipment conveniently placed for when and where you need it
Less maintenance/wear on equipment
  • Hoses, cables and other equipment will no longer become damaged by mechanical wear and tear with a hanging system or crush proof hoses from Fume-A-Vent

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