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Do I Need Vehicle Exhaust Removal?

Vehicle exhaust removal systems are essential for indoor facilities where cars, trucks, and other vehicles undergo maintenance or repair and run idle or higher. Working near running vehicles can become a risk for over-exposure to dangerous exhaust emissions like carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a toxic air contaminant that presents high danger risks because it has no taste, odor, or color. Carbon monoxide is developed during the incomplete combustion of fuels, such as gasoline, oil, natural gas, wood, and coal, and cannot be filtered.

While vehicle exhaust is the number one cause of CO in the U.S., it's important to understand that CO is not the only toxic particulate found in gas emissions. Some exhaust fumes can result in immediate harm, and others can occur over long periods making it harder to identify. Aside from carbon monoxide, vehicle emissions consist of various pathogens that are known to cause immediate and long-term health issues. Vehicle exhaust consists of nitrogen dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and other particulate matter. Vehicle exhaust removal systems eliminate the risk!

Without vehicle exhaust removal, mechanics, technicians, and other nearby workers are at risk of exposure to harmful emissions. Toxins that aren't filtered by a vehicle exhaust hose are carcinogens. Vehicle exhaust removal systems capture emissions directly at the source - drawing contaminated air away from the work area. Capturing vehicle exhaust at the source minimizes air movement, reduces energy usage, and keeps the air clean and breathable. Maintaining clean air is critical for the health and safety of vehicle repair and maintenance professionals.

Fume-A-Vent overhead vehicle exhaust removal system installed to capture and exhaust emissions away from the work environment.

Vehicle exhaust removal systems work to extract exhaust safely and effectively. Secure the safety of your technicians by installing a system that efficiently removes vehicle exhaust before contaminated air enters breathing zones. The vehicle exhaust removal system that best meets your application requirements will vary based on the dynamics of your facility. We've broken down the top 3 vehicle exhaust extraction systems to help identify the most effective solution for your application!

3 Ways to Remove Vehicle Exhaust

Fume-A-Vent motor operated hose reel show with attached exhaust hose.

1. Hose Reels

Spring operayed and motor operated hose reels are clean, user-friendly, and convenient solutions for removing vehicle exhaust and emissions.

• Manual spring operated reels are ideal for applications where the hose reel is within reaching distance of the operator.

Motorized hose reels are best suited for environments where hose reels are beyond the reach of the operator or when a larger diameter hose is required and must be fitted to a remote control or wall switch.

Overhead exhaust system equipped with spring balancer.

2. Overhead Systems

An overhead system can be broken down into three variations, rope and pulley, spring balancer, and telescope. Each solution is designed to meet the demands of a range of applications. Overhead exhaust removal systems integrate various hose types and lifting configurations.

• Hose types range from high-temperature silicone to medium-temperatures polyester.

• Lifting configurations generally include ropes and pulleys and cable balancers.

• Overhead systems connect to ductwork and central fans.

• For stand-alone systems, don't forget direct mount fans.

Crushproof rubber hose for vehicle removal.

3. Crushproof Systems

The most simple and cost-efficient method for extracting exhaust from vehicles that run at or higher than idle indoors is with a crushproof garage exhaust hose system. Crushproof is a smarter long-term investment because it retains its form even after being repeatedly driven over or stepped on!

Crushproof exhaust hoses can be used to ventilate exhaust fumes if the vehicle is close to the garage or within reach of a plug-in garage ventilation system.

Fume-A-Vent Specialists will provide system design, bill of materials, CAD drawings, specifications, quotes and design assistance as needed.

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